Preventing Air, Water and Soil Pollution

Activities and Achievements
Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact on Air and Water Quality

At the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we handle a wide range of chemical substances, and consume large quantities of fossil fuels that are sources of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx), and other pollutants. We have therefore taken action to address the environmental issues. By installing emission gas and drainage treatment facilities, we have slashed the environmental load on the atmosphere and public water bodies.

During fiscal 2012, such initiatives as changing coal boiler fuels and improving the operation of incinerator enabled us to reduce the emissions of ash particles by 70 tons compared with the fiscal 2011 level. On the other hand, emissions of NOx from exhaust gases are increasing as we restarted power generating facilities at the Joetsu Center of Mitsubishi Chemical High-Technica Corporation in fiscal 2011 to overcome the power shortage attributed to the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, we are continuing operations with an eye to minimizing these emissions.

Reducing Environmental Impact on Air and Water Quality

Reducing Environmental Impact on Air and Water Quality

Activities and AchievementsPurifying and monitoring soil and groundwater

All Mitsubishi Chemical production bases conduct voluntary surveys on soil and groundwater pollution. Production facilities where the surveys have revealed pollution provide notification pursuant to local ordinances or voluntarily, and continue purification and monitoring measures as instructed by the prefectural or city government. To date, seven of our plants have reported the survey results to local governments: in Kashima, Sakaide Yokkaichi, Mizushima, Naoetsu, Kurosaki and Tsukuba. Each of these plants continues to implement appropriate measures as instructed by the local government. We confirmed the existence of soil pollution at the Yokkaichi and Kurosaki plants in fiscal 2012. This has already been removed from the Yokkaichi Plant, and steps are underway to do the same at the Kurosaki Plant.