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Basic Regulations

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group works to promote compliance based on compliance regulations shared by members of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, such as the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Compliance Code of Conduct.

Overseas, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group is translating into local languages the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, which serves as the basic regulations, and the codes of conduct compatible with individual countries' laws and social norms.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior
Based on our Group philosophy, "Good Chemistry for Tomorrow-Creating better relationships among people, society, and our planet," we shall contribute to the realization of KAITEKI through our corporate activities. The term KAITEKI signifies achieving true sustainability where we create comfort for people as well as for society and the Earth.

To this end, we shall act based on the concept of MOS (Management of Sustainability) with sound ethics and good common sense in every aspect of our corporate activities as outlined below, to ensure sustained development as a corporate group that engenders society's trust.
Awareness and Responsibility
We shall contribute to the realization of KAITEKI through our business with a keen sense of corporate social responsibility, based on the fundamental understanding that the foundation of our corporate activities is society's trust and confidence in us.
Accountability and Transparency
We shall, recognizing the importance of accountability in corporate activities, preserve transparency in such activities, disclose information appropriately, and always maintain a stance of openness, both internally and externally.
Legal Compliance and Fairness, Equitability, and Integrity
We shall comply with laws and international standards and shall hold ourselves to the highest ethical conduct at all times. In addition, we shall always adopt an attitude of fairness, equitability, and integrity towards customers, business partners, shareholders, government agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders. This attitude shall also apply to our dealings with each other.
Valuing Stakeholders
We shall respect and communicate closely with all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, shareholders, business partners, government agencies, local communities, and employees, and consider the outcomes of such communication in our corporate activities.
Respecting Human Rights
We shall respect the dignity and rights of all people, and shall not discriminate against people unfairly on the basis of race, sex, religion or other protected status. We shall also expect our suppliers and other contractors to refrain from any infringement of human dignity and rights or discriminatory practices.
Employment and Labor
We shall not engage in any form of forced, compulsory, or child labor, and shall require our suppliers and other contractors to adhere to the same standards. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group managers at all levels shall respect human diversity and create working environments where employees can exercise their abilities to the utmost in safe and healthy settings, in order to make optimal use of human resources. Managers shall build sound relations with employees through close dialogue, and shall respect employees' rights, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
Environment and Safety
We shall strive to reduce environmental impact and protect the environment and ecosystems in our operations, in addition to supplying environmentally friendly products and services. Recognizing that the health and safety of our employees and communities in which we do business form the foundation for the very existence of our company and that we have a corporate social responsibility to assure the health and safety of others, we shall continue to ensure safe business activities.
Fair Business Practices
We shall conduct business fairly and sincerely, adhering to ethical principles and refraining from unfair trade practices and any form of bribery or corruption, to contribute to sound social and economic development through fair competition in the market. We shall refuse to work with any group, organization or individual engaged in unlawful activities, and under no circumstances shall we have any relations with anti-social influences.
Customer Satisfaction
We shall constantly strive to satisfy our customers by keeping the promises made in contracts with them, doing our utmost to ensure the safety and quality of the products and services we supply, and engaging in dialogue and R&D.
Information Management
We shall, in the course of our corporate activities, maintain appropriate records and make reports as required by law and regulation. We shall manage information carefully to prevent leakage of confidential data relating to customers, business partners, or our own business.
Science and Technology
We shall advance R&D by bringing together outstanding researchers from Japan and overseas, and contribute to the realization of KAITEKI through innovation. We shall recognize the importance of our own and others' intellectual property rights and respect such rights.
Community Involvement
We shall contribute broadly to society through our businesses. In addition, we shall respond to the desires and expectations of local communities by enhancing our understanding of their cultures and customs and acting as a good corporate citizen.
Shared Standards
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group managers shall recognize their responsibility to embody the spirit of this charter and shall ensure that employees are fully aware of its content. We shall expect our suppliers and other business partners to share all the standards set out in this charter, including but not limited to standards relating to human rights, employment, and labor.
  • 1. This charter shall apply to all members of the following companies:
    • (1) Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
    • (2) Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation subsidiaries (the juridical person, the management of which is controlled, or, the majority of all votes in which are owned, directly or indirectly, by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation)
    • (3) Companies where Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation is otherwise deemed to directly or indirectly take a leadership role on the grounds of its shareholding ratio, involvement in personnel management, etc.
  • 2. This charter shall be revised or repealed by resolution of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation board of directors. Note, however, that minor changes may be decided by the president of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation.
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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Compliance Code of Conduct
At the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, the meaning of the word "Compliance" goes much further than simply complying with laws and regulations. It means compliance with social rules and norms in a broad sense, including Charter of Corporate Behavior. We must develop a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, comply rigorously with social rules and regulations and live up to the expectations of our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, vendors, consumers, investors such as shareholders, business partners, employees and local communities.
Chapter 1: Awareness and Responsibility
1-1: Awareness of Social Responsibility
  • Recognizing corporate social responsibility, we will strive to win public trust by contributing to the affluence and comfort of society by offering socially beneficial goods and services based upon the expertise and technologies we have developed in various fields of endeavors, including chemistry.
1-2: Responsible Care for the Environment
  • We will commit ourselves to the protection of the environment and endeavor to reduce environmental burden in the course of all our business activities, including promotion of resource and energy conservation, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, as well as environmental conservation and development of its technologies.
1-3: Responsible Care for Safety
  • Recognizing safety assurance as a corporate social responsibility, we will place top priority on safety in the course of all our business activities, which include ensuring the safety of all our products and services, including adequate handling of chemical substances, as well as operational safety.
Chapter 2: Fairness, Equitability and Integrity
2-1: Respect for the Dignity and Rights of Individuals
  • We will respect individual human rights and character. We will abstain from any conduct that undermines individual dignity, such as discrimination against others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, disability, disease and social status; we will also avoid language and behavior that offends others, such as sexual harassment. We will also adhere to internationally recognized norms, eschew forced labor in all of its forms, and support the effective abolition of child labor.
2-2: Creating a Motivational Workplace
  • We will strive to create a motivational workplace that provides job satisfaction to Group members through the nurturing of respect for diverse personalities and values, the creation of a free and open-minded working environment in which individual employees can manifest their best qualities, and the fostering of mutual trust through fair and equitable personnel treatment.
2-3: Customer Relations
  • We will listen to the voices of our customers and take a pro-customer approach so that we will be able to respond with utmost sincerity and offer safe and high-quality products and services.
2-4: Partnership/Vendor Relations
  • Based on the basic understanding that all business partners and vendors are our partners in conducting business, we will endeavor to foster mutual trust through fair and equitable transactions.
2-5: Ethical Business and Government Relations
  • We will abstain from illicit political donations, illegal incentives and bribe-giving to politicians and public servants, and strive to maintain healthy and transparent relations with political and governmental organizations at all times.
2-6: Severing Ties with Anti-Social Influences
  • We will take a firm stand against anti-social influences that disrupt social order and threaten sound activities, and never involve ourselves in malfeasance or anti-social conduct. We will not provide any favors, including financial, to anti-social influences, under any circumstances whatsoever.
Chapter 3: Strict Compliance
3-1: Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • We will conduct business by adhering to high ethical standards and sound common sense, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations in and outside of Japan, socially-recognized rules and standards, agreements and promises we have entered into with our customers, vendors, business partners and local communities, as well as our corporate rules and manuals.
    In particular:
    • i  We will comply with relevant administrative laws and regulations applicable to our businesses and perform procedures required by such, including obtaining official approval and licenses and notification; and reporting properly and in complete detail.
    • ii We will comply with the Antimonopoly Act* and other relevant laws and regulations, abstain from illegal conduct such as forming cartels, engaging in bid-rigging and abusing one's dominant bargaining position, and participate in fair and free competition in the marketplace.
    • iii We will comply with the Unfair Competition Prevention Act* and other relevant laws and regulations, and shall not pursue our commercial interest by improper means such as illicit acquisition of others' trade secrets, or acts that may be detrimental to others' commercial interests.
    • iv We will comply with the Subcontract Act* and other relevant laws and regulations and abstain from engaging in conduct that may be detrimental to subcontractors' interests, such as delays in payment.
    • v We will comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act* and other relevant laws and regulations, and properly handle the import/export of raw materials, products, and other items. We will also abstain from exporting products and technologies that may destabilize international peace and security.
    • vi In addition to the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to accounting procedures and taxes, we will abide by generally accepted accounting standards as we implement proper accounting procedures, ensure the reliability of our financial reports, and make appropriate tax payments.
    • vii We will comply with the Labor Standards Act* and other relevant laws and regulations, and strive to maintain pleasant working conditions including occupational safety and health.
    • viii We will not engage in fraudulent transactions prohibited under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act* and other relevant laws and regulations, including the trading of stocks and corporate bonds by taking advantage of undisclosed information one has come to know in the course of one's work.
    • ix We will correctly record business transactions and activities, including the signing of contracts, and properly manage and maintain the records in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as relevant internal rules.
    Note: The names of individual laws referred to in this Chapter are those then effective in Japan and, therefore, please replace them with corresponding laws and regulations of your country.
3-2: Protection of Intellectual Property
  • We will endeavor to develop innovative technologies, products and services, and obtain intellectual property rights and commercialize them. In this process, we shall not infringe upon the intellectual property owned by other parties, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and copyrights.
3-3: Protection of Personal Data
  • We will strictly control personal data pertaining to employees, customers and other stakeholders that we may have access to in the performance of our duties. Unless personal consent is secured, we will not disclose or leak any personal data to third parties or other employees who have no need to acquire the information in terms of business, and, at the same time, will not use it for purposes other than the original intent.
3-4: Confidentiality
  • Strict control must be maintained over trade secrets and other confidential information belonging to the company or to third parties (including customer information and technical know-how) that one might obtain in the performance of one's business duties. Without the express permission of the proper authorities, such confidential information must never be disclosed or leaked to third parties or to internal staff who have no legitimate need for it, and must never be used for purposes other than the original intent.
Chapter 4: Prudence
4-1: Prudent Conduct
  • In our relationships with customers, vendors and other business partners, we will not engage in misleading acts such as offering or receiving business entertainment and gifts that go beyond business norms or exceed the bounds of limits acceptable to the industry.
4-2: Appropriate Use of Corporate Assets
  • Corporate assets and expenses, both tangible and intangible, must be used properly to achieve corporate business objectives and must not be used for personal purposes.
4-3: Appropriate Use of Information Systems
  • Pursuant to relevant internal rules, corporate networks and operation software will be used only for business operations authorized by the company. Wrongful acts such as hacking into the information system, damaging, falsifying or altering data, or making unauthorized use of computer software, are not permitted.
4-4: Preventing Conflict of Interest
  • We shall not exploit our official positions and authority or information we may have access to in the performance of our duties to engage in acts that benefit ourselves or third parties, nor shall we involve ourselves in activities that may compete against our corporate businesses, without corporate permission.
4-5: Prohibition of Political/Religious Activities at the Workplace
  • We will not engage in political or religious activities at the workplace, including solicitation on behalf of political or religious groups or requests for votes, without corporate authorization.
4-6: Discontinuance of Empty Formalities
  • Except for those within the acceptable business norms, in-house and inter-Group gift-giving and exchange of gifts and items should be shunned in view of abolishing empty formalities.
Chapter 5: Transparency and Openness
5-1: Co-existence with Local Communities
  • We will strive to deepen our understanding of the cultures and customs of the countries and communities in which we operate our businesses, respect their social norms, and harmoniously co-exist with local communities as good corporate citizens through participating in activities that contribute to society.
5-2: Appropriate Disclosure of Information
  • As a corporate group open to society, we will maintain the transparency of our activities and appropriately disclose relevant information to promote public understanding of our activities. Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, we will also accurately and adequately disclose financial data and information pertaining to the state of our business activities to shareholders and investors.
5-3: Open Workplace
  • We will maintain an open environment at the workplace where members feel comfortable about discussing anything. If, at the workplace, one learns of acts committed that violate laws and regulations or transgress this Code of Conduct, or the possibility of such acts, one must not conceal or neglect it but report it to the Company for a solution through the management or other systems, such as the Compliance Hot Line.
Chapter 6: Rules for Administration of the Code of Conduct
(Scope of application)
  • 6-1. This Code of Conduct shall apply to all members of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, including the officers of the following companies.
    • (1) Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
    • (2) Subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation under the Companies Act
    • (3) Companies where Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation is otherwise deemed to directly or indirectly take a leadership role on the grounds of its shareholding ratio, involvement in personnel management, etc.
(Relationship of the Code of Conduct to other internal rules)
  • 6-2. The group companies to which this Code of Conduct applies may formulate their own guidelines, rules, and manuals, on the condition that these do not violate the spirit of this Code of Conduct, when they deem this necessary from the perspective of adapting compliance to their own unique circumstances, including their business type and category, the legal system and social norms in the country in which they are located, and other circumstances.
(Handling of violations)
  • 6-3. In the case that a serious situation in violation of this Code of Conduct occurs, the top management at the group company in which the violation occurs shall be responsible for resolving the problem, investigating the cause, and preventing recurrence, and when necessary punish the people involved in accordance with the relevant internal rules and disclose the appropriate information both inside and outside the company.
(Review, revision, and repeal of the Code of Conduct)
  • 6-4. This Code of Conduct shall be reviewed regularly, and in the case that it is recognized that there is a discrepancy between the company's perception of problems with respect to the corporate activities and the content of this Code of Conduct, the Code of Conduct shall be revised or repealed by resolution of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings board of directors. Note, however, that minor changes may be decided by the president of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation.
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