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Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) gains an understanding of the status of compliance at individual workplaces by conducting an annual Control Self-Assessment (CSA), targeting each of MCC's departments, offices, branches, branch offices, and Group companies.
The MCC Group also commenced a Compliance Perception Survey among employees of MCC and the domestic Group companies in fiscal 2006, and has been conducted an Employee Perception Survey led by the Human Resources Department since fiscal 2012. It has also been conducting an Overseas Compliance Perception Survey among employees of overseas Group companies since fiscal 2009.
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Employees' Hotline
In fiscal 2002, the MCC Group established an employees' hotline, providing employees with a way to contact the Internal Control Promotion Department or an outside lawyer to seek advice or report possible compliance violations. The Group has since been working to ensure that the hotline is operated properly and employees know about it.
Anyone seeking advice or reporting a possible compliance violation is assured that the information they provide will be treated confidentially, they will not be subjected to disadvantageous treatment, and their privacy and human rights will be protected. An investigative team led by the Internal Control Promotion Department General Manager act upon the information provided. Any compliance problems identified are dealt with and resolved promptly under the direction of the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). In fiscal 2013, the hotline received 37 reports and inquiries, of which six were personnel-related, 20 were working environment-related, seven were legislation-related and four related to other matters.
MCC is committed to making the hotline user-friendly, using a toll-free hotline number and surveying people who have used the hotline to check that they have been properly protected.
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Response to Compliance Violations
In the event of a compliance violation, an appropriate initial response is made to rectify or otherwise deal with the situation. In addition, an investigation to determine the cause of the violation is carried out and efforts to prevent a recurrence are made. Any employee who has committed a compliance violation is dealt with as necessary, possibly with disciplinary action in accordance with the Employee Work Regulations or other relevant regulations of the Group company to which the employee belongs. If it is deemed necessary to prevent a recurrence of the compliance violation, the CCO may disclose facts of cases and details of the disciplinary action within the Group, on condition that privacy and human rights are taken into consideration.
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